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N.E. Art Opening for Maggie Griffin at Casket Cinema

Submitted by Mark on Tue, 2015-02-24 22:50
Maggie Griffin - Wilted Heart

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For the next Casket Cinema we will decorate our walls with the art of MN Artist Maggie Griffin. Ms. Griffin has created a new body of work she calls, "Good Grief". Her art opening will begin at 6:30pm-8pm, March 5th 2015, the same evening of Casket CInema's screening of the Canadian documentary, “Greifwalker”.  It will be a combo platter of an art exhibition, film and a dialogue with the special guests; Maggie Griffin, spoken word artist Jennifer Kohnhorst and therapist Adam Chase. Ms. Griffin describes herself and her work in this statement;

I am a self-taught artist. I have creatively explored various mediums including drawing, calligraphy, printmaking, fiber dyeing, photography, and most recently painting. Upon the deaths of several people dear to me, I've turned to abstract painting and photography as an intuitive form of art therapy.The impetus for this body of work, “Good Grief”  was to put my grief into action and to help make sense of the pain and the issues surrounding death. Art has supported me though these profoundly humbling experiences and helped awaken me to the abundance of life.

“After a close friend took his own life in 2011, I realized I needed to make big changes in order to experience life in a way in which I could feel proud. This meant giving up drinking and toxic relationships and investing in positive friendships and nourishing coping mechanisms. Then when my father passed away unexpectedly last January, art became an essential outlet for my feelings. I made the conscious choice to keep my works abstract, intuitive, and flowing. Even if the results were muddied, learning to be 'ok' with each piece was an important part of both the healing and artistic process. I was able to release a lot of control, anger, frustration, and pain." 

The result is a series of paintings, photos, and multi-medium works that track a year of working through loss, finding a path to peace, and discovering a more freestyle artistic identity.  I hope viewers see in her process that they may also navigate difficult emotions in proactive ways.

The Cinema will open early for an art reception at 6:30pm. Film will start at 8pm. 

  • More info on the artist is available my emailing her at:

  • Special guests are artist, Maggie Griffin, spoken word artist Jennifer Kohnhorst and therapist Adam Chase. They will be joined post-film with Casket Cinema co-founder/host Mark Wojahn.

  • The art opening is free but there will be a suggested donation of $5-10 will go to pay the filmmakers. 

  • We hope you can all make the opening of "Good Grief " Thursday, March 5th, art reception at 6:30pm. Film at 8pm. 

  • There will be a closing party for this art exhibit on March 28th from 2-4pm. 

Where: Casket Cinema is located in the art studio of Mark Wojahn. 

The cinema is in the old Northwestern Casket Building, 681 17th Ave NE #145, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612)781-5223. 

  • The event is on a first Thursday the building will be open, if not enter the Casket, via the north side loading door. 

  • Please bring friends and BYOB. Admission is usually a small donation unless noted. 

  • We are a micro/studio-cinema dedicated to showing the best in independent films and documentaries. 

  • After each screening we delve into the subject with a Q&A with special guests and/or filmmakers.  

Please rsvp and get more info to get to this screening at the Casket Cinema Facebook page:

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