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For the Love of Beer

Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 8:00pm

For the New Year Casket we are going bottoms up and will turn stereotypes upside down and lead you into the world of lady brewers, in the film, "The Love of Beer". 

This documentary enlightens us that many women not only work in the craft brewing business but they thrive! The star of this movie is Tonya Cornett of 10 Barrel Brewing. She has won handfuls of awards for her Oregon based beers, including the Brewmaster of the Year (2009) at the Annual World Beer Cup Competition. The film also ventures into other jobs women do in the industry and why they are attracted to this business.  Joining us after the film for a salon discussion  will a fantastic panel of local women involved in the Twin Cities brewing scene; Beer Judge and educator Gera Exire Latour will lead a panel discussion with Tara Alcure of Green Flash Brewing, Kathleen Culhane of Silde Brewing and Rachel Grey of Herkimer Brewing. This promises to be an awesome event of Film, Women and Beer. We hope you can make it. 

More info on the film is available at;

Special guests are Beer Judge and educator Gera Exire Latour, who  will lead a panel discussion with Tara Alcure of Green Flash Brewing, Kathleen Culhane of Sidhe Brewing and Rachel Grey, former brewer at Herkimer Brewing. They will be introduced by Casket Cinema co-founder/host and national beer judge Wilbur Ince.

When someone thinks of a brewer, they probably don’t picture a petite woman with red pigtails. But with Tonya Cornett’s amazing beers and growing collection of medals, things may change. From farm to consumption, women are fighting their way to become some of the most influential people in the craft beer world. Based in the Pacific NW, The Love of Beer follows these inspirational women as they struggle to end stereotypes, handle their rising fame, and raise families in a 21 and over lifestyle. They’re not doing it for feminism or equality—they’re doing it for the love of beer.