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About Casket Cinema

Casket Cinema is Mark Wojahn's underground micro-cinema co-founded in 2008 with Wilbur Ince. It is dedicated to showing the best in independent documentaries. The intention of the screenings is to use movies to bring people together, and provide an outlet for community building.


Almost all of the film screenings take place in the old Northwestern Casket Building in Mark Wojahn's art studio.  (The movie listings note movies that are shown at other locations)

  • 681 17th Ave NE
    Studio #145,
    Minneapolis, MN 55413
  • (Casket Cimena on Google Maps)

Screening Times

Films usually show on the first Thursday of every month and begin at 8pm. We start at 7:30pm with a quick meet and greet and social hour, and after introductions, we show the film.  At the conclusion of the film we have a question and answer with the a panel or special guests. So many times after watching a documentary a person wonders what is the next step? At Casket Cinema, that can be answered immediately during the Q&A.

Reaching Out to our Local Comminuty

Films are often paired with local organizations that have a vested interest in the subject matter. We take donations, and split the proceeds with the 'bulb fund', and a local charity. 

We hope you can make the next screening!