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Examined Life

Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 8:00pm

For the next Casket we are going on a philosophical journey with the mercurical director and musician Astra Taylor with her documentary, “Examined Life”. This film follows her breakthrough film “Zizek!” with her literally walking the streets and talking to some of the most influential thinkers of our time. Featuring Cornel West, Avital Ronell, Peter Singer, and others. Both of her films premiered at the Toronto.  

Special Guest

Joining us after the film for a salon is special guests W.M.Tattenbach, Yusuf Ahmad and Courtney Helgoe.  This promises to be a very special evening of contemplation. 


Please rsvp and get more info to get to this screening at the Casket Cinema Facebook page:

"Examined Life" on Facebook


  • Free-will Donation of $5-10 will go to paying the filmmakers.
  • Time: Doors at 7:30, movie at 8pm, discussion follows
  • Please bring friends and BYOB.
  • Admission is usually free unless noted. 

Examined Life website

Examined Life liberates philosophy from the halls of academia through entertaining and thought-provoking excursions with some of today's most famous and influential thinkers. Included are Peter Singer on the ethics of consumption; Slavoj Zizek on the environment; Michael Hardt on the nature of revolution; Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor question culture's fixation on individualism. And Cornel West, called a genius and an oracle by President Obama, compares philosophy to jazz and blues, reminding us how intense and invigorating a life of the mind can be.

1 hr 28 min | 2009

Categories: Documentary, Arts and Culture, Festivals

Topics: Philosophy, Thinkers, Cultural, Slavoj Zizek, Environment