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Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 6:30pm

For the next Casket we live up to our name with the Canadian documentary ,“Griefwalker”. We hope you can all make Griefwalker” Thursday, March 5th, art reception at 6:30pm. Film at 8pm.

Special guests are Artist Maggie Griffin, spoken word artist Jennifer Kohnhorst and therapist Adam Chase. They will be joined post-film with Casket Cinema co-founder/host Mark Wojahn.

Donation of $5-10 will go to a pay the filmmaker.

This film is a portrait of philosopher, boatsman, woodsman and death counsellor Stephen Jenkinson. A Harvard educated theologian, he is one of Canada’s leading palliative care educators. Throughout the film he counsels those on the brink of passing into the casket and believes one of the answers is to embrace death and not accept it. In his words, in order to love life we need to love death. This film will likely challenge the viewer but hopefully it will also reveal another perspective on mortality.

Joining us on the Casket Cinema walls will be the art of Maggie Griffin. Upon the sudden, yet graceful death of her father in January 2014, she began using abstract painting intuitively as a form of art therapy. Maggie was born in Cold Spring, Minnesota in 1975, and now lives in Minneapolis, where she practices massage therapy. The other special guests will be spoken word artist Jennifer Kohnhorst and therapist Adam Chase. There will be boxes of tissues will be on hand as we let go of our emotions during what will be an intense evening of film, conversation, grief and art. The cinema will open early for an art reception at 6:30pm. Film will start at 8pm.

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“The quiet, exquisitely framed and scored Griefwalker affects viewers, 
(Director)Wilson admits, "like a slow detonation."

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